Mission and 24th St, 1951

The most excellent Outside Lands just published a few hundred very awesome SF Assessors photos from 1951, complete with a handy map. “A local historian… saved them from being discarded in the early 1980s.” (Let’s hear it for local historians.)

Here’s the southwest corner of Mission and 24th, now the BART plaza.

Pat’s is a pretty sweet looking coffee shop.

Hey let’s grab a drink at the Green Lantern on 24th!

Oh wait they tore it down for a hair salon, dammit. New rule: don’t tear down a bar called the Green Lantern.


@kevinmonty posted a Green Lantern matchbook cover over at Uptown:

Many many more photos over at Outside Lands.

5 Responses to “Mission and 24th St, 1951”

  1. Grizzled Mission says:

    Pat’s? Healey’s? There goes the neighborhood.

  2. Local says:

    Better then the Green Lantern was Family owned La Posta Restaurant that was there for over 30 years and then was displaced by the condos that went up.

    • Pacific Standard Simon says:

      Which is worse — being displaced, or simply going out of business? I have trouble keeping score.

  3. Pacific Standard Simon says:

    Hah! 2038 Mission, the ACE Check Cashing place next door to Marian’s, used to be the local draft board! In 1951, that’s where they would process your ass for service in the Korean War.

    Of course, I call bullshit on this whole thing. This CAN’T be San Francisco — nothing is scribbled on.