When a man who doesn’t usually wear makeup starts wearing makeup

Our pal Isaac Fitzgerald (former Mission denizen, now an editor at Buzzfeed in NYC)  recently took on the challenge of wearing makeup every day for a full workweek:

“Are you wearing makeup?” My regular bartender, Hugh, looks at me incredulously as he hands over a beer and a shot.

“Yeah, what do you think?” I throw back the whiskey.

“I think the whole world is more and more upside-down every damn day,” Hugh says. We shake hands, and Hugh turns away.

“Your eyelashes look flawless,” a waitress says as she drops her glassware on the bar mat.

Hugh turns back to me. “That’s what I meant to say,” he says. “Your eyelashes look flawless.” He smiles. Nobody at the bar mentions my makeup again, but people do look.

Read on for the full blow-by-blow.

7 Responses to “When a man who doesn’t usually wear makeup starts wearing makeup”

  1. Greg says:

    Here in my car I feel safest of all
    I can lock all my doors
    It’s the only way to live
    In cars

  2. m says:

    This reads like a Bold Italic piece.

    He definitely looks like the type of dude who would a) live in the mission a few years ago / now and b) want to work for / read Buzzfeed

    • ofcourse says:

      Isaac was instrumental in the SF lit scene for many years. He was also a big part of the Makeout Room’s lit events. He was a huge part of the SF lit scene and did a ton of work for little or no pay. He is also one of the nicest, friendliest people you will meet (and the author of a great book about tattoos), but not the best Catan player. If you knew what you were talking about you would already know who he is.

      • m says:

        I was just commenting on the makeup photo. Not really interested in reading about a man’s experience in makeup, to be honest. I’m also in no way affiliated with the literary scene.

  3. scum says:

    Isaac, I love you dude, but it is time to move back to The City and sling some drinks again.

  4. Pacific Standard Simon says:

    The prospect of facing the world looking like Robert Smith is not inviting.

  5. one says:

    Try a more coral shade of lipstick.