Why are people so weird about paying a $5 cover to see a band or DJ?

Here’s a status update from our pal Matt who sometimes works the door at a local nightlife venue:

I’ve worked a few doors in recent years, and it always baffles me when people are baffled by a $5 cover. Bands and DJs and door people and bar backs and bartenders work hard. Don’t freak out, just pay the little $5, right?

P.S. Remember Jane Parton?

13 Responses to “Why are people so weird about paying a $5 cover to see a band or DJ?”

  1. Joshua says:

    PPS remember Kreayshawn????

  2. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    +1. Get over yourselves, douchebag skaters!

  3. m says:

    $5 specifically to see a band is nothing – that’s about as cheap as it’ll get without being a suggested donation show. But not wanting to pay a cover simply to go drink in a bar is totally understandable. Thankfully none of the bars I go to will ever have regular DJ nights but if molotovs all of a sudden had a cover because some dude wants to be a human jukebox, I’d do an immediate about-face and drink elsewhere.

    • Grizzled Mission says:

      Yep. If I’m just going for a drink, there’s no reason for me to pay extra for something I don’t need. And I *never* need a DJ.

      • Nick Pal says:

        You’re paying extra for the drink, just to drink it in a stinky bar. Way extra! Why the fuck do you do that?!

        • Grizzled Mission says:

          Ambiance. Of my choosing. You can choose DJ ambiance if you like! And pay whatever you’re willing!

          • m says:

            Exactly. Not sure if Nick Pal’s post was extreme sarcasm or he just doesn’t understand the point of a bar. On the off-chance it was the latter, let it be known that DJs have no place in most bars. Take that stuff to a house party or a venue frequented by 22 year olds experimenting with coke for the first time. Most of us want to drink, talk among those sitting next to us, and not be bothered with some silly playlist a reader of this blog likely put together.

      • scum says:

        Yeah, I never pay money for someone to play music of their choosing when I go out to drink.

  4. Monet says:

    AHEM, I was under the impression that Google had underwritten all of San Francisco’s arts and nightlife and that it was all free?

  5. scott blank says:

    not a big fan of the weeknight DJ’s nights charging money. especially if said DJ is just playing there Ipod… So i wont attend those.

    Friday/saturday night DJ/dance parties are another story.

    i just wish who ever makes the flyers would post the cover charge, sucks showing up to a place, just to find out i have to spend extra money to pay for the privilege of listening to someone else’s musical tastes…

    bands i don’t mind paying to get in for.

  6. Blog-level intelligense says:

    let all the children boogay.