What kind of jerk steals a service dog? [Updated: The answer is maybe nobody]

Seriously!  This is even worse than that time someone stole a cat from a homeless guy.  Hopefully this story has a similar happy ending.

UPDATE: Got an email from attorney Stacey E. Stillman…

It was voluntarily surrendered by an individual to a nonprofit organization that cares for dogs.  There were concerns about the dog placement with this individual.  The individual then filed a police report claiming it had been stolen and the police file is closed because the dog was not stolen.  The posters unfortunately continue.  We are concerned the story based on the false claims on the posters has gone viral and could endanger the dog which is now safe, and anyone who may be seen with the dog.  I am the attorney representing the organization to which the dog was surrendered.


3 Responses to “What kind of jerk steals a service dog? [Updated: The answer is maybe nobody]”

  1. Chalkman says:

    the same kind of dick that steals any dog….this just in though, your dog counts on you to be the brains of the operation, and everytime you leave your dog tied up to some pole outside Bi-rite or Tartine, you risk your dog tangling with some offleash dog, or getting swiped.

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