Rival graffiti crews getting into it on public sidewalk

The great debate!

[via nofriendo]


3 Responses to “Rival graffiti crews getting into it on public sidewalk”

  1. Our Neighbor says:

    why are these assholes tagging our sidewalks? get a fucking life

    • troll says:

      Not as offensive as the text dump/no jump Pop’s ads that you can’t even comment on. Kind of like the opposite of an ad in 2015.

  2. Tuffy says:

    Well.. since you don’t allow comments on the Pop’s updates I’ll just post this here.

    Lombard has a reputation as the crookedest street in the city not the steepest. But Vermont St. in Potrero is actually the crookedest. Side note: people often wonder why the streets are named after states in Potrero — they’re not. They’re named after American battleships.