What’s the deal with Little Chihuahua?


This really long sentence by local blogger anadromy paints a bit of a picture:

The guys running it seem cool and I’m glad they’re able to charge $11-13 (wut?) for slender burritos that don’t ever fill me up (plus extra for chips!) and still be so busy that it takes damn near half an hour to prepare an order (so that if you’re on Divis and you’re really hungry and you think to yourself, “Well, I’m near that place Little Chihuahua that I’ve always found expensive and overrated but I might as well give it another try” and you wait in line for what always feels like five minutes too long and then you remember almost the instant you order and the smiling guy behind the counter says “should be about ten minutes” that he is in fact a goddamn liar and that the place is so full of people who obviously just stepped off a Google shuttle that you’re not going to get your food for long enough that you might as well have walked the extra half mile to genuinely delicious and also much less costly Mexican food on Church Street) but come on, folks.

Oh and:

We don’t really think it’s good do we?

[link] [Photo by Tamara R.]

UPDATE: According to some responses on our Facebook page, it’s good for vegetarians…

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5 Responses to “What’s the deal with Little Chihuahua?”

  1. Multiphasic says:

    I have this same issue with Nick’s Tacos on Polk. There’s some buzz going on about fresh/locavore/smug-asshole-surcharged ingredients, I guess? But I’d rather walk down to El Super Burrito, who make at least an attempt to season things–and even those guys are totally bush league compared to El Castillito, sweet forgotten grease-gem of Market St.

  2. Ed Lee says:

    Worst burrito ever. Big time gringo joint. Beans taste like shit, and straight out of a damn can. Good thing about the gringo, put a pretty price on it, and automatically it’s high end product (Emperor’s New Clothes). Trust me, you’re better off going to El Toro, Pancho Villa, El buen Sabor, or Cancun.
    Calling bullshit on this establishment.

  3. scum says:

    Gringican food for people that don’t want to eat around Mexicans.

  4. Xoloitzcuintli says:

    The owner’s name is Andrew Johnstone. Doesn’t get anymore freaking Gringo than that! But if you want to drink AND eat with a bunch of privileged white people, go to Black Sands Brewery down the street on Haight. Keep your Marina girlfriends out of Toronado and don’t take them to El Castillito…both are really gross and smelly (the way I like them).

  5. emilie says:

    Fuck US Americans.
    I hate uber and lyft.
    I’m can’t be evicted, so expect to run into me……