Found: Hardscrabble Popeye

More unintentional street art uncovered.

[pic I took of gunk on the ground]

[sketch I was moved to draw]

[questionable childhood inspiration]

Hidden Street Art, Dog

First it was a monster, then some kind of pipe smoking official, and now I’ve discovered a bro dog hiding beneath our feet.

Sidewalk Dog Sidewalk

Walking by this, I couldn’t help but notice that it was actually . . .

Sidewalk Dog

Anybody else?

Still Doing Things Backwards

There You Go Again
I found some more street art on Valencia. And just like last time, I helped it out a bit. It’s sort of addicting.
Street Art Revealed
I dunno. What else is it supposed to be?

Speaking of which, Seattle-based illustrator, designer and awesome dad, Gaelan Kelly did a couple versions of the last one:

Doing Things Backwards

Oops, You Street Arted
Somebody street arted their coffee or something all over the sidewalk on Valencia Street, and it looked like a monster, so I drew it. A few times.

Street Art Monster 1

Street Art Monster 2

The original is still the best by far. Anyone else want to take a crack?