Doing Things Backwards

Oops, You Street Arted
Somebody street arted their coffee or something all over the sidewalk on Valencia Street, and it looked like a monster, so I drew it. A few times.

Street Art Monster 1

Street Art Monster 2

The original is still the best by far. Anyone else want to take a crack?

7 Responses to “Doing Things Backwards”

  1. Allan Hough says:

    Dang, Ariel, please post lots more drawings in the future.

  2. Andy says:

    It looks like Eastern Europe/Asia with Africa kind of dribbling into oblivion on the left size and western europe kind of a blob. but that totally looks like Siberia, India and China. Even Saudi Arabia is there (although with much more water around it). anyone follow?

  3. Doug Kern says:

    Actually, there’s a face of a guy with a dark, sunken eye to the left of the monster’s eye. He’s got a goatee and kinda looks like James Dean. Not only is he breathing fire, but he’s got a thought bubble, yet to be filled in of course.

  4. Ariel Dovas says:

    On Flickr, Dollar Bin says:

    “If you rotate it 90°, the negative space in the middle looks like a zombie smurf.”

  5. Vic Wong says:

    Awesome! Looks like that kid-traumatizing artwork we all saw in the “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” book series.

  6. jpcapili says:

    what if it’s really a monster?

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