3D City: The Fireworks of the Mission

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

The fog may have blocked our view of the city’s big fireworks show, but from our friend’s roof in the Mission we had a great view of the neighborhood’s many illegal fireworks. In fact we seemed sandwiched right between two of the more popular fireworks spots, with the largest being on the corner of 19th and Bryant. A little later in the night our friend Eddie launched his quad-copter drone and came back with this great footage of the Mission’s unofficial fireworks show.

More explosions after the bump… (more…)

Tossing Fireworks at Cars

Philipp emails us regarding the scene of fireworks at 16th and Albion last night:

“Around last call on the night of the fourth some hooligans launched fireworks from my corner (yay!) and eventually aimed at cars (nay?). Police rolled up but couldn’t find the launchers as they were dodging around in the crowd and no one pointed them out.”

If you look closely, you can actually see a firework bouncing off the hood of an SUV around :45 to-go.  It also sounds like they were also tossing them at cyclists.  Weak.

(Watch in HD)