Smashing Capitalism One T-Mobile Store at a Time

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, Direct Action to Stop the Cuts/Creative Housing Liberation, is so bummed that it’s hard to move into the Mission on the cheap that they went ahead and helped themselves to the vacant second floor of the 20th/Mission T-Mobile building last night and occupied it into the morning. Believe me, I can relate — the only affordable spots are rent-controlled flats with a bunch of dudes who interview you for 15 minutes then just go with the cute, broke art-school chick that walks in after you.

After displaying their stern disapproval of capitalism and demonstrating some formidable pun-making skills (“Grabbin’ Newscum”!), they were ultimately put under citizen’s arrest by the building owner around noon today… which must involve mace or nunchucks, because most people would laugh that sort of thing right off.

From SF Appeal:

11:52 AM: The protesters were placed under citizen’s arrest late this morning, according to a report from Bay City News. The owner of the building issued the citizen’s arrests, charging trespassing. Five people were arrested, San Francisco police spokesman Sgt. Troy Dangerfield said. He said the five are being taken to the police station for processing and may be cited.

[photo by Steve Rhodes]

Update: Here is the full press release from the CHL:

In a city with so much conspicuous wealth, an estimated 6,000 to 15,000 individuals sleep without a roof over their head. 23,000 or more others are on the waiting list for public housing (a list that is often closed to new applicants), while some 30,000 housing units sit empty.

Each budget season, the mayor threatens to cut funding for vital housing, health, legal, and other services that help the working poor and indigent. Without these services, many who remain housed would quickly end up on the streets – or dead.

The mayor’s vision for San Francisco? Million-dollar condos and “affordable housing” that most residents can’t afford; schools and other publicly owned buildings laid to waste; jail bunks and early graves for those who have no place to rest but the sidewalks.

On Monday July 19th, community members will respond by undertaking a collective act of homefulness. Please join us promptly at 5:30pm as the march to the occupation site is time sensitive. This is community resourcefulness in action, don’t miss it! Housing is a human right!

Even Kindergarteners Get It

The afterschool kindergarten class at the Mission’s own Fairmount Elementary School took action on Friday to protest the enormous proposed budget cuts for education in California schools. When rates are adjusted for parcours obstacle gonflable regional cost differences, California is already ranked 46th-47th in the nation for per student spending, investing almost $2,000 less than the national average per child per year. The proposed budget cuts are equivalent to cutting $24,000 from every classroom in the state or laying off almost 110,000 teachers. More details and photographs:

Things we learned in kindergarten