Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Wiener

Whether you’re a hipster or a bro, a vegan or a carnivore, one thing we all can agree on is that wiener dogs are effin’ awesome!

Dogado 1

If you happened to be at Golden Gate Fields on Saturday, you witnessed quite possibly the cutest racing in history, The Northern California Wiener National Series. Yes, this is a real thing. It’s a dachshund racing championship sponsored by Wienerschnitzel, where local wiener dogs compete for cash prizes and of course, bragging rights.

The wiener…ahem, cough, I mean, winner (sorry guys, I had to do it) was a sprightly pup from Fremont named Jessey. Man oh man was that dog fast!

Dogado 7

The next race is in November, but a representative for the event said that they need to find a location and fast. Methinks our own beloved Dolores Park would make a perfect racetrack for the little guys. Anyone out there willing to help make it go down?

Dogado 2

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If you can’t get enough wiener dogs, you can see more little friends here.

-Ashleigh Cole