The Brunch Crowd

The Brunch Club
I walk around the neighborhood on late Saturday and Sunday mornings and I look at all these people crowded together outside the brunch spots. I see a bunch of able-bodied folks with at least one common interest, and I can’t help thinking about how to somehow put them to use.

Here we have a crowd of people who are not going anywhere anytime soon, standing, waiting, listless. Hungover and tired, probably, but nevertheless, there must be a way to get something going here. I really have no idea what. Sure, you could try to sell them some stuff, and they’d probably buy some of it. But that’s thinking small.

What else could we do with them? Get them to carry some heavy crap? Poll them to find out if you’re hot or not? Give them a group project to complete before brunch becomes lunch?

I just really think there’s an untapped potential here.