Chillaxin’ at the Nice Lady Store

We did it! Two days ago we were complaining about never having taken the time to sit down and enjoy the inviting seating at Mereb Market, but tonight we rectified the situation. Shawerma from Ali Baba’s in hand, we went in, bought our tallboys from Nice Lady, then went outside and grabbed a table. Mmm. Hearty food and cold beverage on a bustling neighborhood corner:

A passing group-home kid observed, “Those fools got falafel,” to which his companion replied, “Mmm, smells so good.” It was pretty good, but not as good as finally realizing my goal of one day sitting at these tables. The clicking of hüpfburg mit rutsche either picture will result in your seeing a bigger version of it.

NOTE: Nice Lady’s husband waited for us to finish eating, and then politely informed us that they sometimes they get ticketed if patrons drink beer at their outdoor tables.

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  2. Hey! I still haven’t eaten there either, but wanted to point out that this is Sam of Golden Eagle Market’s (20th and Valencia) other store. If you don’t know him, Sam is the best corner-store owner EVER. Hee hee.

  3. Lola Haze says:

    I will forever be amused by the fact that every other corner store owner is named “Sam.” The others are named “Alex.”

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  5. C. says:

    I just visited the Nice Lady Store late this afternoon. I am so glad that you gave this store its proper name! The lady is sooo nice! Just purchasing Rolaids and a newspaper from her was completely delightful. She and two of her nice lady friends (perhaps a daughter?) were behind the counter enjoying an afternoon meal including guacamole and chips, and they made the entire atmosphere of the store simply enjoyable and delightful. They were laughing and giggling a lot and speaking a delightfully unrecognizable foreign language. I felt it would have been much more simply enjoyable to join them, if possible, than to go on to my supposedly enjoyable dinner appointment at a nearby supposedly enjoyable restaurant (which was actually quite good). Also, when I pointed out that to the Nice Lady that she had undercharged me for the New York Times, the price of which has increased, she laughed and giggled in a delightful way that seemed to sum up the rather hilarious ridiculousness of paying $1.50 supposedly to enjoy the New York Times. Well, anyway, it was nice. I hope to enjoy a meal and a non-legally-burdensome beverage at these Nice Lady Store outdoor tables soon.

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