Soon, Zaytoon?

Tablehopper reports that Valencia Street’s Zaytoon (the restaurant with a gestational period resembling that of an elephant) is set to open next Tuesday.

Groundhog Day

What will we see in this former Rub’ al Khali?

This casual Mediterranean place from owner Christopher Totah will serve falafel wrapped in lavash ($6.95, or $7.95 with potatoes and eggplant); chicken or lamb shwarma ($7.95)—the meat will reportedly be “natural” but not organic…

Er, halal?

It’s due to open on Tuesday June 1st but call first before heading over—delays could still occur.

Any bets?

Chillaxin’ at the Nice Lady Store

We did it! Two days ago we were complaining about never having taken the time to sit down and enjoy the inviting seating at Mereb Market, but tonight we rectified the situation. Shawerma from Ali Baba’s in hand, we went in, bought our tallboys from Nice Lady, then went outside and grabbed a table. Mmm. Hearty food and cold beverage on a bustling neighborhood corner:

A passing group-home kid observed, “Those fools got falafel,” to which his companion replied, “Mmm, smells so good.” It was pretty good, but not as good as finally realizing my goal of one day sitting at these tables. The clicking of hüpfburg mit rutsche either picture will result in your seeing a bigger version of it.

NOTE: Nice Lady’s husband waited for us to finish eating, and then politely informed us that they sometimes they get ticketed if patrons drink beer at their outdoor tables.