Epic Landscapes Made Richer with Text: Richard T. Walker at Iceberger Gallery

Katie met Erica Ginelle at an art thing in Pacific Heights. They bonded briefly because they were by far the two youngest people there. Plus, Erica has a gallery in the Mission, and Katie has a blog about the Mission.

Anyhow, Ginelle’s and Erica’s gallery (which is called Iceberger) is having an opening for a new exhibition by Richard T. Walker Saturday from 7-9pm:

Walker utilizes spoken dialogue, text and original music compositions to generate video and photographic works that explore complex relationships between language, the environment and the human condition.

This means, among other things, big pictures of epic landscapes made richer by the addition of thought-provoking little pieces of text. (Click above picture to make it big enough to be able to read the text.)

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