Group photo show at Cha Cha Cha

I know, it’s raining. If you’re stir crazy from sheltering in place all day today, here’s a good reason to venture out. Our good buddy Troy Holden wrote in to let us know that tonight (Thursday) is the opening for a group photo exhibition, featuring his own work as well as the works of Dave Glass and Emmanuel Blackwell. These are all photographers I admire, each one capturing a very real, very valuable and very unique side of our city’s life. Troy adds:

“We’ve taken down all the old random photos at Cha Cha Cha and replaced them with huge (4 feet!) photos of the neighborhood around 19th and Mission Street. The printer did amazing work. The photos span from the late 1960s through 2014 and are a permanent installation. A second round will be installed in the spring.”


Clarion Alley zoetrope

Muybridge in Clarion Alley.

Probable Edweard Muybridge tribute, powered by wind.

It’s my party and I’ll look totally bummed out if I want to

walmart, birthday, mission district, san francisco, poster, awkward portrait

Just so everyone knows, Walgreens at 23rd/Mission is your one-stop shop for all your birthday poster needs.

Learn Photo Printing at Photo Epicenter

The Hamburger Eyes blog today detailed the advantages of enrolling in the Photo Epicenter Tutorial Program:

Photo Epicenter provides the ultimate darkroom printing experience. The black and white darkroom is a private room with professionally maintained equipment and materials and is readily available for all your printing needs. The color darkroom is one of the best in the country, the ultimate workspace and one of the only of it’s kind with natural light to assess print quality. The color darkroom is also professionally maintained and calibrated so you know you’re getting the most out of your photos. These tutorials come in packages of two sessions for either color or black and white.

Link. Packages cost $200, but include tons of dark room time and first-hand wisdom from pros like Hamburger Eyes guru Ray Potes, so sign up while you still can.

Photo by photoepicenter.

Who Knew Some Old Signage and Part of a Pontiac Could Combine to Form Such a Romantic Tableau?

Telstar Logistics just added this fine bit of composition to its photostream. House of Brakes can be found here.

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Today's the Last Day to See Ryan McGinley's Photographs of Naked People Frolicking in Fields

The exhibition is called Spring and by Summer Fall, and it’s been up for a while at Ratio 3 on Stevenson. From the press release:

Ryan McGinley will present new color photographs that chronicle the summer road trips he has taken across the United States in the past three years. Inspired by images from nudist magazines from the 1960s and early 1970s, McGinley places his naked subjects in unusual and breathtaking situations. McGinley uses the vast and varied landscape of the U.S. as his backdrop, from arid deserts to lush green fields. An energetic feeling of idyllic freedom and youthful innocence suffuses the work. Floating bodies suggest an infinite weightlessness while other figures slip into smoke and constellations of fireworks. McGinley’s work offers an intimate glimpse into a playful constructed world of sensuality, adventure, and the sublime.


Epic Landscapes Made Richer with Text: Richard T. Walker at Iceberger Gallery

Katie met Erica Ginelle at an art thing in Pacific Heights. They bonded briefly because they were by far the two youngest people there. Plus, Erica has a gallery in the Mission, and Katie has a blog about the Mission.

Anyhow, Ginelle’s and Erica’s gallery (which is called Iceberger) is having an opening for a new exhibition by Richard T. Walker Saturday from 7-9pm:

Walker utilizes spoken dialogue, text and original music compositions to generate video and photographic works that explore complex relationships between language, the environment and the human condition.

This means, among other things, big pictures of epic landscapes made richer by the addition of thought-provoking little pieces of text. (Click above picture to make it big enough to be able to read the text.)

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Drink Up, Nostalgiaholics! Historic Photos of the Mission

Electric streetcars braving a flood at 16th and Folsom circa 1905 (click to enlarge).

Hustle and bustle at 21st and Mission in the 1940s (click to enlarge).

All tarted up for Christmas (click to enlarge). Note the “Mission Miracle Mile” seasonal signage in the upper left. Should we start bounce house for sale calling it that again?

All these photos and more are collected in Historic Photos of San Francisco by historian Rebecca Schall. The author appears this Saturday at 3pm at the Fisherman’s Wharf Barnes & Noble. Stop by for more photos and history, or to find out about her time developing museum exhibits at Mission Dolores.

Different Takes on Photography Tonight at Soap Gallery

Tonight from 6-9pm, Soap Gallery hosts an artist reception for “Photography by the Bay: The Mix”, an exhibition offering a mishmash of different photographic styles. The last Soap opening was well attended and well appointed.

Photo by Barbie Dike (click to enlarge).