Valentine’s Day bad gift ideas from Walgreens

This is a smiling turd. Because how could your loved one not think of a turd when he or she is presented with this.

A headstone with a sweet message. Nothing says I love you like presenting someone with a nice little grave that reads “My love for you is here to stay”.

This is [sic].

Ahh, Walgreens. At the corner of Love & Happiness.

Niners mural gets a little Vernon Davis

Despite the rather inclement weather last Friday threatening to ruin New Year’s weekend, local artists Tim Hon and Steve Ha braved the elements to put some final touches on their 49ers tribute mural on the Walgreens at 23rd and Mission.  Yesterday, their hard work was rewarded with a visit from Niners tight end Vernon Davis, still radiant after helping the team earn their first playoff berth in years, who stopped by to sign the piece and yuck it up with local media.

While not quite as astounding as Taqueria Vallarta’s “batshit insane” Niners mural, the fact that San Franciscans are interested in their football team again is a good thing for the city.  Let’s just try not to riot again if they end up winning it all!

[Second photo by Alisa]

It’s my party and I’ll look totally bummed out if I want to

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Just so everyone knows, Walgreens at 23rd/Mission is your one-stop shop for all your birthday poster needs.

New Walgreens Reveals Future Color Scheme

Oh no. Oh no, no, no. You’re mucking this up terribly. Was that chilly white just a base coat? You were looking as beautiful as a Banana Republic. Must you really dress yourself as a Tex-Mex children’s hospital? Please reconsider.

From Sexpigeon, an update on the Walgreens-in-progress on Cesar Chavez/Mission.

I must say, I agree with the criticism so far.  However! I’m feeling positive toward 2k10 and all that it may bring.  Perhaps our new Walgreens will end up looking like a pimp pastel Mondrian?