Giant condo complex may replace Walgreens and Burger King at 16th and Mission

Mission Local reports:

A developer submitted preliminary plans for 351 new condos with the San Francisco Planning Department on October 18.

To make room for the new buildings, which are described as between five and ten stories in the Preliminary Project Assessment, the developer plans to raze several businesses, including Walgreens, Burger King and Hwa Lei Market. A nightclub and a vacant Dollar Store on the site would also go.

They aim to beautify and improve the quality of life in the area, and make the BART plaza a more inviting hub, and they say no residents will be displaced. Read on for more info, comments by locals, blueprints and more.

I think it’s cool as long as they name the place “Royal Gate” in honor of Cranky Old Mission Guy and days gone by.

Thanks for the photography lesson, 16th and Mission Walgreens!

Valentine’s Day bad gift ideas from Walgreens

This is a smiling turd. Because how could your loved one not think of a turd when he or she is presented with this.

A headstone with a sweet message. Nothing says I love you like presenting someone with a nice little grave that reads “My love for you is here to stay”.

This is [sic].

Ahh, Walgreens. At the corner of Love & Happiness.

Ride a shuttle bus from the Mission to Speakeasy Brewery tomorrow for the beer-and-shopping extravaganza that is Holiday Indie Mart 2012

Here’s shuttle info:

INDIE MART SHUTTLE BUS: Ok yall, we’ve got a bus all set up. You can hop this little lovely Saturday and take $3- shuttle rides. We give ya a little goodie bag, a ride there and best part…no designated driver needed, we got ‘chou! SO you can savor all the $3- Speakeasy Beers you can.


Workshop- 1798 McAllister at Baker Street/ 11, 12:30, 2, 3:30
Divisadero & Oak- Outside of Vinyl Wine Bar/ 11:05, 12:35, 2:05, 3:35
Haight & Fillmore- Corner in front of old Walgreens/ 11:12, 12:43, 2:12, 3:43
Valencia by 15th- Center median in front of Four Barell/ 11:20, 12:50, 2:20, 3:50
Valencia & 21st- Ritual Coffee Roasters/ 11:30, 1, 2:30, 4
Valencia & 25th- In front of the Salvation Army 11:35, 1:05, 2:35, 4:05
Speakeasy 11:45, 1:25, 2:45, 4:25

The shuttles will leave Speakeasy by announcement around 12:10, 1:45, 3, and the last shuttle will leave at 5pm. Youll be able to get cabs, the bus, uber or lyft rides as well via your celly!

RSVP and invite your friends!

Hot water bottle culture shock

Some Aussie friends of ours were perplexed to learn recently that hot water bottles are not really a common household item here in the Mission. Some Missionites hadn’t heard of them at all, and they’re not exactly readily available at the corner drugstore like they would be back in Brisbane (the best our local Walgreens could do was a douche bag).

So, where do you go? Bed, Bath and Beyond, surely, but they’re a giant corporation. Some cute shop on Valencia, maybe? We should all have hot water bottles now that it’s THE DEAD OF WINTER.

If all else fails, just make a douche sweater for your douche bag like Laura here did:

Thanks for the story and the photos, David!

Niners mural gets a little Vernon Davis

Despite the rather inclement weather last Friday threatening to ruin New Year’s weekend, local artists Tim Hon and Steve Ha braved the elements to put some final touches on their 49ers tribute mural on the Walgreens at 23rd and Mission.  Yesterday, their hard work was rewarded with a visit from Niners tight end Vernon Davis, still radiant after helping the team earn their first playoff berth in years, who stopped by to sign the piece and yuck it up with local media.

While not quite as astounding as Taqueria Vallarta’s “batshit insane” Niners mural, the fact that San Franciscans are interested in their football team again is a good thing for the city.  Let’s just try not to riot again if they end up winning it all!

[Second photo by Alisa]

The Walgreens delivery guy locked his keys in the Walgreens truck

And it was his last delivery before New Year’s, too!  The poor dude is currently trying to unlock the door with a screwdriver if anyone who’s attained enough perks on their Lockpicking skills up to at least an Adept ranking wants to help out.  Extra credit if you’re wearing a Walgreens uniform from the dollar store.  Extra extra credit if you’re wearing an Al Green shirt.

Walgreens uniforms for sale at local dollar store

You could totally buy one and rub out the first and last letters so it says Al Green.

This place also formerly had ping pong paddle two-packs, also for just a dollar, but I bought them out (for tonight’s ping pong party).

Pile o’ loot

The contents of a Walgreens bag-shaped piñata? Quick everyone, free goodies! When I biked past this morning, the football purse was still up for grabs.

This Month in Mission Mission: May

Every month on what was originally supposed to be the 1st but has now become a somewhat arbitrary date, we post some stuff that happened on Mission Mission in years past. How long will this tradition last? I don’t know… but at the very least until Judgement Day (5 days).