When Your Friends Ask You What it is Like Living in the Mission, Send Them This Picture

Feeding the Pigeons

"Excuse me miss, would you mind saving my seat while I step outside to feed the pigeons?"

El Trebol, which is apparently Spanish for “I’m going to cut you,” is not only one of the few real dives in the Mission but also a pretty fun and social place (once you get past the bouncer who will frisk you).  And, unlike other “dive bars” in the Mission, they’ll keep serving you wwaayy after any sane and compassionate person would cut you off.  No worries though, I love hearing my neighbors yell at their dogs in the morning when they try to lick the sidewalk.

7 Responses to “When Your Friends Ask You What it is Like Living in the Mission, Send Them This Picture”

  1. zinzin says:

    heh. capp street in particular has a certain affinity for attracting…effluvia.

  2. fsharp says:

    You actually go there? I walk by there every day and wouldn’t dare. I’ve seen WAY too many people fighting and yuking. Definitely the worst dive bar in the Mission. At least at Carlos’ commuters are always welcome..

    • Yeah, I’ve gone there probably a half-dozen times now. I’ve never had a single bad experience there and if you have a basic understanding of Spanish, you can usually have a good conversation over a game of pool.

    • goomail says:

      Has anyone noticed that commuters are (apparently) no longer welcome at Carlos Club? Or at least they painted over that part of the sign…

  3. olu says:

    I’m amazed that it rates on yelp. Last time i was in there, there was a slight scuffle, and half the patrons were bombed.

    That display in the picture though, is a little too much. handle your alcohol people.

  4. Emily says:

    This bar was my one qualm in moving into the place I live right now, which is kitty corner at that intersection. All my friends joke that we should go there…

  5. Crowder says:

    I live right next door…not too many problems and shockingly the noise doesn’t come through my bedroom window that faces the parking lot behind it. The only real problem is the drunk dudes using the sidewalk as a toilet. I did go in there once and it didn’t cause the needle scratch that I expected. The bartenders were nice and the we played pool with the locals without any hassles.