Say hello to San Francisco’s newest microhood: ‘Royal Gate’

Amidst this week’s media blitz surrounding our neighbor to the south, La Lengua, our buddy Cranky Old Mission Guy (who just launched a new website this week btw) came up with the best rechristening idea I’ve heard since I first heard “La Lengua” oh so many eons ago:

My new name for the area of the Mission around the 16th Street BART plaza is “Royal Gate”, after the plastic vodka bottles strewn everywhere.

Totally! Sixteenth and Mission is totally a royal gateway — in the exact same way that this crummy vodka is “royal.” Perfect!

(Thanks to our other buddy SCUM for finding the above photo.)

[Photo via Kute 'n' Krispy]

23 Responses to “Say hello to San Francisco’s newest microhood: ‘Royal Gate’”

  1. Zouaf says:

    If we’ve got to rename this neighborhood, why not Piss Plaza?

  2. laura says:

    that’s funny. my friend called her house the royal gate for years and it was on 17th and guerrero, so it’s in the right place!

  3. pedro says:

    17th and capp, the mission’s frat row?

  4. pedro says:

    actually i call that general area the whiz triangle. that’s an old one.

  5. Corpus Nerd says:

    Ha ha, Royal Gate, good one Crank!

  6. Janet C says:

    Much cheerier than Heroin Hangout.

  7. Nipsy Russell says:

    As someone who’s been on the Internet since the BBS and Lynx browser days, I’m amused that having a Tumblr page is now considered “Launching a Website”

    You kids today have no idea how hard it could be to create a Winsock32 connection in the BeforeTime.

    “…..our buddy Cranky Old Mission Guy (who just launched a new website this week btw)”

    • Sorry about that — Allan probably wrote it on his phone.

      Although you’d be amazed at just how difficult to understand all these social web things are for dim-witted old farts such as myself.

  8. Nipsy Russell says:

    Are you over 50? I am.

  9. SCUM says:

    So are hipsters Royal Gate crashers?

  10. MrEricSir says:

    I thought this idea was kinda dumb at first glance, but on my way to work I passed a bottle of Royal Gate on the sidewalk. So maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all.

  11. SCUM says:

    Royal Gate is $9.99 for a 1.75LT plastic bottle at BevMo.

  12. Will says:

    We used to drink that sheez in high school. it is horrible. but it also helped me see my first boob, so i guess it can’t be all bad.

  13. BTW, the link to my “new” “website” (Tumblr) above is dead (because I’ve changed the name a couple of times), but you can still go there if you click my name on this comment. Sorry, no more Mission posts.