Pre-Internet Armory

Back when the Armory was still an armory?  Favorite comment so far:

how the hell did you get old cars to park there…oh wait nevermind.

Woodward between 14th and Duboce, 1976

[Photo by Dave Glass]


The Tens Takes You Inside The Armory Mad Libs!

2 Responses to “Pre-Internet Armory”

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  2. Bob Dole says:

    Wonder if they had fixie riders back then.

  3. John says:

    Did you know, the armory and Woodward street is featured in the film “48 hours” with eddie murphy and nick nolte? It’s a chase scene. Pretty funny. I was watching it with my roomates when I lived on Woodward street out of bordem and all of a sudden, there was our street….that was cosmic….

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