Mission Loc@l visits Kink.com

One of the squeaky-clean kids over at Mission Loc@l dressed up in his Sunday best and showed up filming of Kink.com’s “Public Disgrace”, a groundbreaking independent web video series.

Here’s a snippet:

“Let’s review the rules,” she says into a bullhorn from the center of the circle.

In more explicit language, she says that if you plan to participate, please wash your hands.

“The bathroom is over there,” she adds.

She looks back down at her list of rules.

“That’s it.”

The crowd laughs. I gulp.

Eventually, he caught on:

I’m getting it now: Kink.com is filming a porno/sex party, and we are the extras. I knew from the release form that there would be cameras at the event, but I now understand that this is really part of an adult video shoot, and the guests are the public part of the “public disgrace.”

How precious.

Read on, and if you watch the episode later, keep your eye out for a dude in a wool suit holding a notepad.

[photo, story via Mission Loc@l]

Pre-Internet Kink.com Armory

Back when the Armory was still an armory?  Favorite comment so far:

how the hell did you get old cars to park there…oh wait nevermind.

Woodward between 14th and Duboce, 1976

[Photo by Dave Glass]


The Tens Takes You Inside The Armory

Kink.com Mad Libs!

Free Kink.com Armory Tour This Friday

If you’re like me, you love Moorish architecture and you’re really interested in the historical significance of the Armory. Imagine finally being able to  see inside the same walls that housed the weapons of the U.S. National Guard from 1912-1914! I wonder there’s still evidence of it’s role as a rallying point for the 1934 San Francisco General Strike (an event known as “Bloody Thursday”).

Well Friday is our lucky day because according to flavorpill, there’s a free tour of the Armory! It starts at 4:30pm and it’s an hour long.

(They film people fucking in there too)

Update: Ok, brownpapertickets says it’s sold out. But then again, it’s said that for as long as I can remember and I’ve tried to get the tour several times in the past year. Anyone get a ticket? In the meantime, I’m checking with them to make sure. Stay tuned.


Ever since being written up in the Bay Guardian as the best free tour of an adult entertainment company, we have been inundated wiuth tour requests. We are in fact sold out till Sept of this year. Thank you for your interest.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Kink.com

Sure, it’s a little late, but it’s the thought that counts.  Besides, look at that adorable couple down there who just left the building!  I wonder what they are saying to each other . . .

Kink.com Mad Libs!!!

“My favorite part was when ___1___ put you in that ___2___ and started to ___3___ you.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think ___4___ would be able to fit ___5___ in my ___6___, but you gotta admit, they are professionals over here.”

“I just wish they didn’t rub ___7___ all over my face.  I felt that was unnecessary.”

“I know, and all we got were these matching hoodies.”

If you want, number your responses in the comments.  Entries will be judged based on ___8___, and the winner will receive ___9___.  I am totally convinced that this is not a bad idea.