Mission Loc@l visits Kink.com

One of the squeaky-clean kids over at Mission Loc@l dressed up in his Sunday best and showed up filming of Kink.com’s “Public Disgrace”, a groundbreaking independent web video series.

Here’s a snippet:

“Let’s review the rules,” she says into a bullhorn from the center of the circle.

In more explicit language, she says that if you plan to participate, please wash your hands.

“The bathroom is over there,” she adds.

She looks back down at her list of rules.

“That’s it.”

The crowd laughs. I gulp.

Eventually, he caught on:

I’m getting it now: Kink.com is filming a porno/sex party, and we are the extras. I knew from the release form that there would be cameras at the event, but I now understand that this is really part of an adult video shoot, and the guests are the public part of the “public disgrace.”

How precious.

Read on, and if you watch the episode later, keep your eye out for a dude in a wool suit holding a notepad.

[photo, story via Mission Loc@l]

23 Responses to “Mission Loc@l visits Kink.com”

  1. redbearded says:

    I’ve been in the audience for a couple of the Naked Kombat shoots. They’re super fun! and it’s a great way to get a glimpse of the inside of that amazing building.

  2. AttF says:

    It’s a bit goofy that they didn’t do a simple web search before checking this out. Kink is pretty clear about what type of shoot you are going to be attending before you RSVP. I’ve attended the Ultimate Surrender shoots, which requires very little audience participation beyond cheering for one team or another (no touching). When I get the invites for Public Disgrace, 30 seconds on the web tells me that it isn’t my thing and saves me from being an embarrassed gawker. The building is pretty awesome and I recommend a tour to anyone who enjoys old buildings.

  3. Think_for_Me says:

    Yes, consenting adults taking part in sexual activity, for which the main participants are getting paid legally for their part. Shocking.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Yeah, but they’re a horrible company to work for, and they treat their employees like shit (and not in the consensual “we’re doing this for fun/money on film! yay!” way.) Fuck those guys.

      • Think_for_Me says:

        Again, what evidence do you have? Yes, this horrible company which subsidizes employee benefits, promotes camaraderie, helps employees get additional training for their crafts, and work on personal projects. Yep…assholes.

        • deth mother fuckin' vegetable says:

          …and, again, every single person i know that has worked for them has been mistreated so badly that they quit outright rather than put up with the shit any longer.

        • TC says:

          You are either A. Someone that works for Kink.com OR B. Someone that wants to work for Kink.com

          Subsidizes benefits? Every woman I’ve ever met that worked there had to get HealthySF coverage. Promotes camaraderie??? How so? “additional training” meaning it’s unpaid? “Work on personal projects”???

        • new says:

          Ive heard both sides, yet never heard the naysayers offer much other than “ive known people and they said it sucks”….

          I’m still curious to know details of how it sucks exactly?

        • Code Duh says:

          Just going to second, third, fourth, fifth that. I know three folks who have worked for them, as a payroll manager, and two modes who worked for them extensively. All three have had negative experiences. Its not all bad. There are a few positive things. However, its just a shame- that they could be such a powerful source for a healthy culture of sex and kink in the Bay… but they are not. The higher-ups live up to many porn company stereotypes…

      • Poplocker says:

        F-off Herr. Speak for yourself you hater! You are just bitter cus you probably got laid off or fired for your incompetency. I work for Kink in media and get treated very well with full benefits, 401K, parties and fun times. Unlike you, I kick ass and love what I do as do the rest of the awesome Kink family so don’t be generalizing like an ignoramus you are proving yourself to be with that comment.

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          I haven’t worked for them. As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s just the case that all four people I know who HAVE worked for them have ended up quitting because of the poor treatment and working conditions.

          • Poplocker says:

            Yeah, I’m not denying that to be true. There are good and bad aspects of any company and experiences can depend on the situation, timing, certain management and department but a lot of changes, improvements and restructuring has been made and I can honestly say that currently the majority of Kink employees love their jobs and how they are treated.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            That’s certainly possible. To be fair, all four of the ex-employees I know left over a year ago.

        • What’s up with Mission Mission comments using words like “F-off” and “A-hole”? Are you guys Mormons? Are you related? Can you not spell “fuck off” and “asshole”? Inquiring minds need to know!

  4. scum says:

    They Forced Ace Cafe out and the place is still empty, fuck them.

  5. Think_for_Me says:

    no, but know several persons who do.