Jesse Morris’ unfinished album sessions released posthumously

As most of you know, BART busker Jesse Morris tragically passed away on Sunday. To help his family with the cost of his memorial, Different Fur Studios is releasing never-before-heard sessions of an unfinished country album Jesse began recording in 2008. The compilation, entitled “I Wanna Take It All Back,” is available for download with a suggested donation of $5.

Nic Pope, an engineer at Different Fur and a friend of Jesse’s, wrote in to share the following anecdote:

I met Jesse in the Montgomery St. Bart Station where I heard him doing his Johnny Cash covers and we got to talking. The first project we worked on together was for his punk band U.S. Kings and “I Wanna Take It All Back” was the second which we never finished. The frank and simple way Jesse could describe your darkest feelings is what drew me to his music originally. From the title track, “I look around and see the wreckage of my past, its bad enough sometimes I wanna douse myself in gas,” is one line of his that helped me grow up a bit in the last couple of years.

Preview the album here, and please consider making a donation.

UPDATE: Plus, there’s a benefit show tonight in Oakland!

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