Good Morning Friday BART Commuters

Every Friday morning, 24th/Mission BART commuters are serenaded with the lyrical stylings of this wandering shade of Johnny Cash.  Too bad I wasn’t able to capture “Walk the Line” in this particular instance.

Apologies for the shaky video, as I was walking with a slow, dragging limp.

15 Responses to “Good Morning Friday BART Commuters”

  1. Flesh says:

    slow, dragging limp?


  2. Emily says:

    he was there yesterday morning too. now i just need to figure out a clever marriage proposal…

  3. brendan says:

    He’s been at it for years. Used to be only Johnny Cash, but last time I saw him he’d slipped in a little Merle Haggard. Given all the punk patches on his jacket I always wanted to ask him to sing “Gimme Gimme Gimme” in a Johnny Cash style but was to busy/chicken to ask.

  4. Bob Dole says:

    Can we trade you for Accordian guy from CC?

  5. Erin says:

    he’s my favorite bart musician by far. <3

  6. All I ever get are the fake-John-Fahey-guitar-guy, or the herniated-asian-saxophone-guy, or the squeaky-clarinet-guy, or the Chinese-fiddle-guy (or his son). At Union Square, these days, there’s the almost-good trumpet player who ought to be out there looking for a real job. OK, sometimes I’ll get an ultra-sincere folkie playing Neil Young covers.

    They all make me want to slash my wrists, and provide the ONLY measure of sympathy I have ever felt for BART station agents when they threaten to go on strike. If I had to listen to all that crap at work every day, I would have gone postal in the first year.

  7. Ryan says:

    He is one of my favorite besides the dude with the white saddle bike and guitar at montgomery station

  8. Neo Displacer says:

    Merle and Johnny playing hardcore dude has a beautiful voice. He should be recording and releasing. I really enjoy hearing him play unfortunately I leave earlier then he arrives most Fridays. I also like him because he reached out and asked about my well being one day when I was not doing too well.

    There are many Mexican guitar players that I admire too. Some have serious chops and it makes wonder why they are in BART instead of on-stage

    I love the buskers. Accordion playing dog owning guy was doing Radiohead this morning at Civic Center. A few days ago there was a black guy playing working class hero.

    “Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV,
    And you think you’re so clever and classless and free,
    But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see,”

    I say piss off to busker haters. A working class hero is something to be. I’m hoping the day will come when they get on the trains and play as they do in Paris.

    • Sure makes life easier for you when you can write off the different tastes of anybody who disagrees with you by calling them “haters”.

      I don’t hate buskers in general — only the annoying or boring ones, which, for me, is maybe 80% if you include the out-and-out panhandlers (like, you know, the guy who knows one verse and the chorus of “Lean On Me” and sings them in an a cappella loop), and the crazy people (like the fiddler who only has one string and randomly saws away at it for a minute, then stops and looks up to see if anyone is listening).

      Really? You don’t hate ANY buskers? Love ‘em all?

  9. Cranky Young Mission Girl says:

    Attaway to take video of this guy and not leave a donation. Though, silly me, of course you limped back over there after turning the camera off, right?

  10. annie says:

    I LOVE this guy. He’s the only reason I started carrying my camera to work every day, and of course I haven’t seen him since. Great voice, nice guy.