Low-Res Mission

Ever wonder what SF would look like rendered as an 8-bit video game map? No? Well, clearly some other nerd has. Check it out in it’s 24-color glory at 8-Bit Cities.

I hear that forest patch on the SE corner is a good place to level up.

4 Responses to “Low-Res Mission”

  1. I know how it feels, since power has gone out, thanks to our shitty PG&E service, once again, in a big part of the Mission, and I am posting (if that does work) with my lame-ass dial-up connection. Why the people who have time to protest silly little issues like American Apparel storefronts can’t be bothered to protest PG&E’s substandard treatment of the Mission is beyond my ken. OUR POWER GOES OUT ON A REGULAR BASIS, WHILE NO-ONE ELSE’S DOES, you numbnuts!

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      really? this is the first i’ve heard of this. my power’s always been fine (valencia+23rd). what part of the mission are you in?

      • Spoke too soon — sorry about that. It was a local problem, this time. But brown-outs and black-outs seem to be far more common in the north-ish Mission (I live not too far from Ariel, if that helps) than elsewhere. I feel like PG&E’s red-headed step-child.

  2. This is freakin awesome! I love that you can zoom into it too. Matti