Mission Loc@l looking for a new office

Dang. You know it’s bad when neighborhood news outfit Mission Loc@l is in danger of getting gentrified outta the Mission.

Our rent is going up and although we love our current office, we have to find a new home for Mission Local. So we thought who better to ask for help but our loyal readers? You know the neighborhood better than anyone else and we’re hoping that if you hear about affordable offices in the area, you could send us an e-mail at missionlocal@gmail.com. We’d be forever grateful!

So, any leads? Drop them a line.

[via Mission Loc@l]

Mission Loc@l visits Kink.com

One of the squeaky-clean kids over at Mission Loc@l dressed up in his Sunday best and showed up filming of Kink.com’s “Public Disgrace”, a groundbreaking independent web video series.

Here’s a snippet:

“Let’s review the rules,” she says into a bullhorn from the center of the circle.

In more explicit language, she says that if you plan to participate, please wash your hands.

“The bathroom is over there,” she adds.

She looks back down at her list of rules.

“That’s it.”

The crowd laughs. I gulp.

Eventually, he caught on:

I’m getting it now: Kink.com is filming a porno/sex party, and we are the extras. I knew from the release form that there would be cameras at the event, but I now understand that this is really part of an adult video shoot, and the guests are the public part of the “public disgrace.”

How precious.

Read on, and if you watch the episode later, keep your eye out for a dude in a wool suit holding a notepad.

[photo, story via Mission Loc@l]