Mission Loc@l looking for a new office

Dang. You know it’s bad when neighborhood news outfit Mission Loc@l is in danger of getting gentrified outta the Mission.

Our rent is going up and although we love our current office, we have to find a new home for Mission Local. So we thought who better to ask for help but our loyal readers? You know the neighborhood better than anyone else and we’re hoping that if you hear about affordable offices in the area, you could send us an e-mail at missionlocal@gmail.com. We’d be forever grateful!

So, any leads? Drop them a line.

[via Mission Loc@l]

11 Responses to “Mission Loc@l looking for a new office”

  1. paul says:

    I know there are offices in the building above Arinell’s that at least look super cheap.

  2. Tim says:

    Bayview Local?

  3. Schlub says:

    I always thought mission local was a Cal Berkeley class thing or something.

    Am I wrong? Is it now a business?

    • Erik says:

      It was easier than getting a real job.

    • Brock Keeling says:

      This is UC Berkeley’s problem, and one that they can fix without going to both Mission and San Francisco residents (who are already strapped financially and lack the backing of the UC system). With all due respect of ML, this comes across as very Munchausen syndrome by proxy.


  4. Andreas says:

    You should talk to Jose at 780 cafe and see if he’ll lease some of that space out.