Lil birds

Local photographer marmotilla snapped this pic. Here’s the story:

I was walking down Valencia Street when I saw a little bird on the ground. Apparently he had fallen out his nest. I asked a man to go get a ladder so I could put the baby bird back. When I climbed the tree I found these guys asking for food like crazy. I don’t know if the tiny one survived. I hope he did. [link]

7 Responses to “Lil birds”

  1. pdbird says:

    I know this is gonna come off the wrong way,but you should never put a bird back into a nest that it has been pushed/fallen from. There is a natural order to these things and the other babies prob pushed out the competition for food. In reality only one or two of these chics will make it to fledgling size. Birds(except for carrion birds) have no sense of smell,but they do have keen eyesight and prob watched you messing with the nest.many species of birds will abandon a nest that has had attention brought to it for their own personal safety,lets hope this is not the case this time.

  2. L. says:

    Please keep us posted.

  3. bird survival aside, where/how did you find a random man to just fetch you a ladder? do such gentlemen really roam our streets? carrying ladders? magic.