Happy St. Patrick's Day from Kink.com

Sure, it’s a little late, but it’s the thought that counts.  Besides, look at that adorable couple down there who just left the building!  I wonder what they are saying to each other . . .

Kink.com Mad Libs!!!

“My favorite part was when ___1___ put you in that ___2___ and started to ___3___ you.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think ___4___ would be able to fit ___5___ in my ___6___, but you gotta admit, they are professionals over here.”

“I just wish they didn’t rub ___7___ all over my face.  I felt that was unnecessary.”

“I know, and all we got were these matching hoodies.”

If you want, number your responses in the comments.  Entries will be judged based on ___8___, and the winner will receive ___9___.  I am totally convinced that this is not a bad idea.