Indie Mart Was Awesome!

Fellas, you really shouldn’t miss Indie Mart. I am in full support of any event where you can get a kick-ass bloody mary (from thee Parkside) and walk around while beautiful, fashionable ladies are obliged to introduce themselves to you and excitedly hand you their contact information on creative stationary. Plus, for the gals: Broke Ass Stuart will hook you up with as many stickers as you can stuff in your organic tote bag. Flickr’r joda36 has a great photo set of the festivities.

Looks like the next one is going to be in Alamo Square on August 21st. Table fees start at the low, low $30, so sign up early. Details here.

More photos of hott crafts after the jump.

2 Responses to “Indie Mart Was Awesome!”

  1. [...] live music, mural painting, craft vendors, and even Capoeira!  Think of it as an organic, edible indie mart with a taste of traditional Mission culture thrown in, along with food carts from the La Cocina [...]

  2. mumbles says:

    No it wasn’t. Most of the shit there looked like garbage plucked from Goodwill and marked up 100000%.

  3. melissa says:

    what is with chicks and fake mustaches nowadays? I don’t get it. maybe I’m too old?