Swan (aka the Pigeon Whisperer, John Ratliff) by Troy Holden

Somehow I didn’t know that Troy Holden has a tumblr. It’s full of gems like this breathtaking shot of local pigeon whisperer Swan, and I don’t know why he isn’t racking up thousands of “likes” per post. Go follow him, if you’re into this internet stuff.

Be sure to check out the documentary on Swan, while you’re at it.

22 Responses to “Swan (aka the Pigeon Whisperer, John Ratliff) by Troy Holden”

  1. Neither of those links goes to a Tumblr site; they go to troyholden.com.

    • Vic Wong says:

      It’s a tumblr. troyholden.tumblr.com and troyholden.com both direct you to tumblr. If you’re logged in to tumblr, you should see the follow buttons on the top right.

  2. JS says:

    Funny, I clicked the link in Firefox and tumblr’s “follow” and “dashboard” icons loaded immediately on the right hand side.

    I even tried typing troyholden.com in a separate FF tab, just in case a tumblr site suddenly stopped behaving like a tumblr site when redirected via a vanity URL – but the CSS seems sound, and I can’t find any bugs in the code or CSS that would produce the behavior you are seeing.

    Maybe you need to upgrade the browser or check your plugins?

  3. Russel says:

    All you SF Tumblrers (Tumblees?) should support a blogging service from our own city by switching to Posterous.

  4. I would prefer that you folks not fret over my inability to access this site on Tumblr; if you can get it, good, if you can’t get it, then I can’t help you.

    Frankly, I don’t care all that much, anymore, because I hate Swan with all my heart for all the material harm he has done to the Mission with his filthy pigeon breeding.

  5. kev says:

    I worked near where the “pigeon whisperer” frequented and if throwing rice to pigeons is some way of helping them to get to their afterlife, then this jackass is doing a great deal to help kill the local bird population.

  6. Catherine Ratliff says:

    Today is John Ratliff’s 71st BIRTHDAY! That’s Swan, now “the pigeon whisperer.” HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN.