American Trippin’

The last edition of American Tripps was another smashing success. Here’s some proof — in glorious black and white — courtesy of our pal Joshua Cobos:

See the whole album here. (Tag yourself, tag your friends.) And do RSVP and invite your friends to the next American Tripps, which is coming up on Friday, September 2nd.

5 Responses to “American Trippin’”

  1. GG says:

    Man, that really looks fun, but my being over 35 and all, I don’t think you guys would let me in.

  2. thevole says:

    the black and white really enhances the “dads were the original hipsters” vibe of this piece. much of mission mission could actually serve as outtakes from the dads were the original hipsters blog but this particular post writes itself. ie: “your dad played ping pong in cramped bars before you did–he was only practicing for the stern paddling he was going to give your mom later that night. etc …”

    i do appreciate the flowing jesus locks tho.

  3. SimonSays says:

    So glad for those girls!