Million Fishes the Most Intimate Venue in the Mission?

Mission Mission pal Michelle D. recently (kind of) went to a concert at Million Fishes Arts Collective:

[I]t has the most intimate, living room feel that i’ve experience in a venue, granted i didn’t stay for the music. i was almost intimidated to go inside, because it felt like i was intruding on a private party, with a smallish crowd murmuring conversations that got absorbed into the couches and the living room aura. perhaps that’s also part of the reason i didn’t stay — i felt like once the music started, it might feel too intimate a setting to be able to relax in anonymity and leave when i so pleased without turning heads.

For the record, Michelle was trying to see Ash Reiter, but Ash had already left the stage by the time she arrived. Anyway, is she right? Is Million Fishes the homiest place to see live music here in our humble purlieu?

Photo courtesy of Million Fishes.

One Response to “Million Fishes the Most Intimate Venue in the Mission?”

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  3. skooter says:

    I haven’t yet been to million fishes place, but another intimate, homey venue is community music center over on capp/20th.