Quirky Girl at Ritual Sneers at Khakis-and-Polo Guy

Found this in the Missed Connections. What’s with the discrimination, Quirky Girl?

Quirky Girl with tatoos and piercings at Ritual Coffee – m4w – 41 (mission district)

You rode up on your tricked-out vintage one-speed. Stood in line for coffee looking like you knew what you were doing, very confident on your turf. You wore a “fuck bush” t-shirt, wide belt with studs, jeans, converse. Hair dyed blue–messy. Vintage Ray-Bans rested on your nose. I thought it was love at first sight, but as I smiled at you, you sneered back! Ouch! It was then I realized I was wearing a kelly green polo, khakis, and boat shoes–hair combed straight. Shit! I forgot to wear my mission-hipster outfit!! Did I lose a chance at you? Please give me another shot at it!!

hopelessly unhip.

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6 Responses to “Quirky Girl at Ritual Sneers at Khakis-and-Polo Guy”

  1. TK says:

    I’ll believe this actually happened the first time I see someone wearing a polo and boat shoes in Ritual. Hipster trolling is getting old.

  2. Bjorn says:

    Maybe it was his age that made her sneer… she couldn’t be more than 22 right??

  3. ct says:

    I was there that day and didn’t see either of these people. Although it might have happened before I arrived (fairly late afternoon), or I might have just been spaced out/in the zone working and not noticed.

  4. Isore says:

    errbody please just start wearing proper suits and hats again, pls? Then you can spot a rebel by the cut of their brim instead of all that other flimsy ironic crappe.