Has Anyone Seen These Cute Instruments?

I found this poster in the window of the Mission Street Safeway yesturday. I love the little drawings, as well as the tear-stained face at the bottom of the poster. I hope they’ve been returned by now.

2 Responses to “Has Anyone Seen These Cute Instruments?”

  1. You’d think that people living in this city would know that anything left outside for more than 5 seconds is fair game.

    This includes children.

  2. Dixon says:

    only buy the xbox live arcade if you never, ever, ever, ever plan on going online with your system in all the years that you will on an xbox. now that we have converted wmv to avi, my sister can enjoy the video of my mom’s birthday and you can play those video clips in your old dvd player. the problem is, we don’t. i would really like to know if anyone else has heard this one!