Giant Value Becomes Monster Medjool

Interesting tidbit on the MAC SF blog, from a post about a recent land use hearing:

Also in the audience was local developer/entrepreneur Gus Murad, owner of Giant Value & the New Mission Theater, keeping a close eye on the Supes so they don’t thwart his 100+ units of market-rate condo w/ monster club (think Medjools but bigger) proposal.

Great! Tapas and porno AND market-rate condominiums! I just hope they don’t mess with the signage. Link. (Thanks, zinzin!)

Photo by lomokev.

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12 Responses to “Giant Value Becomes Monster Medjool”

  1. Katie Ann says:

    So “Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron”

  2. zinzin says:

    this guy Murad also built / owns Medjool.

  3. jimbeam says:

    The last thing the Mission needs is 100+ new condos and another douchey club like Medjool.

  4. Cleezy Clapback says:

    Whatever. They just keep making Foreign Cinema look better.

  5. zinzin says:

    do you think the development of 100+ condos will have the required number of “sub market rate” units?

    it’s the law right? what’s the number? 15%? 25%?

    now, i also understand there’s ways around it. i understand a “donation” to certain orgs will get you around these issues.

    anyone else hear about that kind of deal?

    like, one makes a “donation” to a cause espoused by say…Chris Daly…and one get’s one’s D6 project that has NO SUBMARKET UNITS supported?

    i’m not saying i’ve seen it. i’m saying i’ve HEARD it.

    (and this quote on the development is from the MAC website…it’s not substantiated by me personally….although i did put a call into the guy Gus to see if i can get to know him)

  6. Drew says:

    I live on 22nd St, and I’m really excited to see something happen to the New Mission Theatre. The site been under-served for years, and Giant Value is all about cheap crap you can get anywhere on Mission St. While I agree that Medjool is highly overrated, anyone against renovation of the New Mission is just being a poverty pimp.

  7. jimbeam says:

    Nah, I don’t really think that’s what it’s about.

    When I go out in the Mission on the weekends I run into more and more out of neighborhood people. They start fights, harass people, litter, etc. Another big club like Medjool that serves mostly out of neighborhood and out of SF people will just bring more of the same. It’s more annoying than bums pooping in driveways.

  8. Allan Hough says:

    But not everyone who visits from outside on the weekends is a fighter/harasser/litterer. Many, perhaps a great many, are nice people who appreciate the neighborhood as much as we do and like spending time here and do it responsibly.

  9. zinzin says:

    i think it’s tough to argue with renovating a derelict building & putting a business in there…almost doesn’t matter what business as long as it serves someone in the hood (or someone visiting).

    far as the giant condo goes…i figure the more units it has, the more “affordable” units will be required to be in it…presumably. and, the more folks with an equity stake in the hood that will (hopefully) care & fight for it.

    i don’t think there’s even a plausible “racist displacement” argument that could be made in converting the Giant Value junk store into high density housing (though someone probably will make the argument).

    far as crap in a driveway being worse than the bridge & tunnel morons, well, we’ve been over that one 100 times. for me, poop is worse. for jimbeam, the morons are worse. vive la diference, or whatever…

  10. Jesse says:

    ah hah! I was wondering if any more info was going to come about that theatre. I’m pretty sad it’s the Medjool guy because, I’m sorry, but that place sucks so much. Charge too much for ‘happy hour’ drinks and they charge a cover on the weekends for no reason.

    And I like Giant Value… it basically furnished my apartment when I moved into the area.

    I guess I’m choosing the right time to move out, then huh?

    Also, as for condo laws… I heard that above Revolution Cafe (which is across the street from my place, they have apartments that are not being rented out because they want to turn them into condos. I guess they have to show there’s no need for cheap housing before turning perfectly good apts into condos? Either way, once THAT goes down, you better believe Revolution will be shut down for noise…

    sad times…