Earthquake Horrors!

WHAT IM SEEING dot com just put up an analysis of the Quake Quiz SF website, and its chilling graphics in particular. The one above really hits home, am I right? At least it’s still in tact. Link.


4 Responses to “Earthquake Horrors!”

  1. Plug1 says:

    i’d like to note that all items on the menu are $8.75. this is clearly no part of the La Familia El Faro. also noting that the food runner is wearing skinny jeans and the cashier’s left eye-ball is throbbing.

    analysis: this taqueria is clearly located in San Mateo.

  2. johnny0 says:

    Dude, I can get a 6-pack for Negro Modelo for less than $8.75.

    But perhaps this is a vision into… the FUUUture. 4% inflation means today’s $5.50 super burrito will hit $8.75 in 2020. We have 12 years to prepare!

    But why isn’t our moustachioed friend taking cover? Is he stoically brave, having worked there since Loma Prieta? Or is he a mural, like Pancho Villa?

    I was quite concerned with the amount of food and drink flying about in all the images. While diving under the table, one really should take the time to re-wrap one’s burrito. It could be your last for a while — along with water and power, key components of our burrito distribution infrastructure will be out. The moustachioed one will be there, but with neither cilantro nor tomato, he will be only able to smile.

    This *exactly* is why I support food trucks — they will feed the city after the quake. John O’Connell High will be damn glad to have La Tonayense around the corner…

  3. Concerned is now El Guajolote or just Guajolote says:

    Also chilling, in a good way, keeping with the Earthquake theme:

    A local artist’s ravishing interpretation of earthquakes

    Another good one

    I realized from the “Throwback” post a few days ago that I may be among a small number of readers who remembers the Loma Prieta quake, and probably among a very few Missionites who have been in a serious tremor. I remember visiting friends after 89 (I was 10) in the Marina, and it was horrible, we always assume that things will be OK, but that is not true. The same could happen to 18th street, it is a former riverbed, and there are other areas at high risk.

    Also, I am retiring the “Concerned” moniker and adopting “Guajolote”, which I think is a warmer way of addressing myself to my commenter compadres and people like the sublime Plug1.

  4. johnny0 says:

    Riverbed, lake — pick your poison. 1906 hit the Mission hard. What blows my mind is the Valencia Street Hotel — built on fill between 18th and 19th. Before and after the 1906 earthquake.

    Note the tower in both pictures. The hotel (actually a boarding house) sunk 3 stories. 200 people trapped inside, 44 died. Some drowned. They didn’t get everyone out before the fire came:

    Here’s a really detailed interview with a guy who was a kid in the Mission at the time, lots of neighborhood detail.

    And a firefighter based at 1458 Valencia.

    Yes I am a history dork.