Rules Signage at Arinell Pizza

Audrey from awww damn just posted a nice little photo essay about the hand-drawn signs explaining the house rules to patrons at Arinell Pizza. Lots more here. (Thanks, Plug1!)

10 Responses to “Rules Signage at Arinell Pizza”

  1. Neo Displacer says:

    I love these signs, I love the metalheads who make the pizza, and contrary to the author of the post they’re never rude or mad or angry with me. I’ve even been in there with tie on. Maybe I should tell the author the secret handshake. No ice for crack heads indeed. It’s a pretty pure pizza, and the guys in there are pretty pure too.

  2. mcas says:

    If only they spent the same time crafting a decent slice of pizza rather than heat-lamped grease and cheese, it’d be worthwhile. ….De Ja Vu 4 lyfe!

  3. zinzin says:

    i like the cranky rocker dudes in side there. they’ve never been rude to me in a…personal way. just a general way.

    the pizza is a C+ at best in my opinion…but i think there’s no better than a B in SF anyways. it’s the water.

  4. Allan Hough says:

    Wait I thought SF was supposed to have great water… Hetch Hetchy and all that, no? Also, I thought New Yorkers were supposed to love Arinell, no? Anyway, which are your favorite Bs?

  5. zinzin says:

    the water’s good for drinking, but no so much for pizza i guess. i don’t know the science. i hear it again & again from chefs. pizza-wise, in SF i like:

    little star
    pizetta 211 (bad for take away)
    local on 1st street is OK
    delfina is decent depending on the day
    i hear beretta is good…i havent been.
    zuni makes a good one
    i also love me some zante indian “pizza”. it ain;t really pizza, but it’s fucking tasty.
    when i worked in East Bay we used to eat Zachary’s, which is deep dish. pizza i guess you could call it if you;re from chicago.

    all the frou frou ones (big surprise). they at least try to do something good.

    i order from Serranos (on 21st i think) occasionally…but usually when i’m lazy and want it delivered fast and dont really care. just need a dough/cheese/ sauce fix. it’s fine for movie night.

    i find i like Arinell best if i’m intoxicated.

    the average SF pizza is just too doughy, and too moist in the crust.

    far as NY-ers loving arinell, there are some similarities to garden variety NY slice: big, flat, dense, greasy.

    most pizza in NY is C+ too btw. resting on laurels, imho. big greay dough mass. my faves there are all the standard ones, i have lived in SF for 16 years now, so my radar is dusty, i am sure there are new contenders….

    difara & franny’s & totonnos in bklyn,
    patsys, johns & lombardis in manhattan,
    deninos & joe & pats in staten island (i hear denino is down hill)
    and…possibly the best of all, is Sallys in New Haven CT. Frank Pepes up there is awesome too. Again, standard choices, but living up to the hype.

  6. chalkman says:

    If you are jonesing for a NYC cheese slice, Arinells is the place. It’s my kids favorite too……

  7. johnny0 says:

    Arinell’s a perfect replication of east coast utilitarian pizza. Is the best? No, but it hits the spot after beer and generally beats out the doughy shit they tend to serve out here.

    Zinzin — you are scaring me, I think we are brothers. Pepe’s and Sally’s are quite possibly the best pizza in the entire world. (Though I like Pepe’s better…) The Spot and Modern are nearly as good these days, but there is a reason there’s often a two hour line for Pepe’s and Sally’s.

    But oh god, their clam pie — yes, clams. My mouth is watering as I write this. I would fly out to Pepe’s or Sally’s just for the clam pie. (And before anyone asks, you do NOT put red sauce on a clam pie, sorry Amici’s and Delfina’s — that is wrong, and it must be stopped.)

    Anyway, I beg all of you to hop on Metro North and make your way to Wooster St. in New Haven next time you are in NY, you will not be disappointed.

    Got to say I was disappointed in Lombardi’s when I was in NYC a few years back, kind of soggy.

    Anyway, I like Delfina’s — simple, and straightforward. I do like Zante’s — it suits the doughy crust. Pauline’s was OK, a little underwhelmed. But I tend to make my own pizza on my grill in the yard — olive oil on dough, grill, flip it around, drop on the sauce/cheese/pesto, and ta dah… Thin and crispy as pizza is meant to be. :)

  8. Allan Hough says:

    Oh man, Lombardi’s was a major disappoinment — WAY soggy, and the clams were rubbery and flavorless.

    Speaking of traveling a couple hours for a pie, I recommend Zelda’s in Sacramento for deep dish, if you like that sorta thing. Better than Zachary’s, and head and shoulders above anything I ever had in Chicago.

  9. zinzin says:

    yeah, like i said i am out of date. shit changes. but i went special to Sally’s for clam pie in the last couple weeks and it was super. so we got that going for us. happy new year, y’all.

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  12. Little Star is fully disqualified for not delivering. No Delivery = Fuck that.