Berlin Neighborhoods Map


“Conor from South Van Ness” just sent in this puzzling remix of that San Francisco neighborhoods print by Ork Posters we all love so much. The artist explains:

I did a semester abroad in Berlin and since moving to San Francisco have often noticed similarities between the cities. It’s possible to draw compelling comparisons between different districts in Berlin and San Francisco. Kreuzberg is Berlin’s mission district, with an older Turkish population gradually being replaced by young, hip Berliners who are into street art and reggae music. Schöneberg is likewise Berlin’s version of the Castro – affluent, trendy, and gay. There are of course limitations to the comparisons, but a lot of them fit quite well.

Somebody wanna turn it into a t-shirt?

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16 Responses to “Berlin Neighborhoods Map”

  1. Brock says:

    Is Godwin’s Law applicable here?

  2. meave says:

    as mentioned previously, the San Francisco neighborhoods map has some serious problems, what with no Tenderloin or Civic Center, and this weird area called “downtown.” I don’t know Berlin well enough to comment on this map’s accuracy, but how can you trust a cartographer who omits the City’s Scariest Neighborhood?

  3. Carleigh says:

    I concur with this map artist’s comparisons; I lived in Berlin for a semester as well and like to occassionally (and snobbily, in German) refer to the SF districts as “bezerkers”, their Deutsch-language counterpart. I’m so hip.

  4. johnny0 says:

    Genau! Das ist sehr guht! Will ask my German friends about this one. What does Anna say?

    The only problem I see is our favorite Berlin burrito place is in Mitte (pretty cool bezerker) — not so sure that maps to North Beach/Nob Hill/Chinatown…

    The real question is where’s Berlin’s Zietgeist? It’s probably a bar called “HipsterSFplatz” and you don’t get in unless you are wearing a t-shirt and a Timbuktu bag.

  5. larrybirdsmustache says:

    am I the only one who doesn’t dig that poster to begin with? Shit’s lazy, bland, and visually unappealing.

  6. metropolio says:

    @johnny0: the vast number of beer gardens in Berlin put Zeitgeist to shame. that being said, Prater Garten in Prenzlauer Berg feels like a much bigger Zeitgeist sans porta potties.

  7. steve says:

    It’s excellent!

    And better than the Ork maps in that you varied the angles of the typeface giving the whole composition more vitality as well as maxing out each neighborhood precinct. I like the constructivist dynamic.

    I would buy one.

  8. TAR ART RAT says:

    wait,isn’t West end way too central and Nikolassee way too north?

  9. berlinist says:

    Why is half of Berlin missing? Looking at a boringly real map I guess at least one third is missing.

  10. johnny0 says:

    Hey Berlinist, you should make a map with SF names in the Berlin Bezirker. (You can leave off the Marina, ha ha!)

  11. brad says:

    this is terrible… it is nothing like an actual map of berlin. rubbish.

  12. Dan says:

    Hows about the fact that there’s a Mission-style taqueria at Alexanderplatz called ‘Dolores’ with maps of the Mission on the wall? Photos:

  13. johnny0 says:


    Thanks for the pointers to the pictures though.

    Now if we could only get a decent kebab place here…

  14. Weird. It’s neither a Berlin map (wrong shape) nor are neighbourhoods placed in right position nor are they complete. Half East Berlin is missing…

  15. Coleen Urive says:

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