Phat Philly is OPEN


4 Responses to “Phat Philly is OPEN”

  1. Ondrae says:

    Yea! I’ve been waiting hungrily. Big Mouth and Papalote can only hold you down for so long.

  2. johnny0 says:

    YES. Most excellent. Except I will be gone for a week – oh Phat Philly, how you tempt me to miss my flight…

  3. 44yo hipster says:

    this place TOTALLY SUCKS!! spent $7+ bucks on a POS that was not filling at all. and the buns were discusting too. the layout/table arrangement is totally lame, and disfunctional. saving grace- the guys working there are very nice…but if the food is shit, sorry forget it.

  4. Allan Hough says:

    Hmm, I finally went the other day and found it very pleasant. The sandwich didn’t blow my mind the way the ones in Philadelphia (or the MSF version) do, but it was way closer to the real thing than anything else I’ve had in California. And yeah, the staff was great. I bet once they get in the swing of things, and start serving beer, it’ll be tip top.