Hands Down the Best Falafel in the Mission

Meave at vegansaurus! declares Old Jerusalem the winner. Here she states her case:

It offers hands-down the best falafel in the Mission, the moistest and tastiest, plus they make two varieties: regular, and stuffed, which has fried onions, roasted pine nuts and sumac in the middle.

Read on for more about the rest of the menu and delivery options.

Meave makes a powerful case, and OJ certainly does a distinctive falafel, but for for sheer fun you can’t beat bringing some Ali Baba’s takeout over to the Nice Lady Store for a beer soda.

Photo by Aviad T.

7 Responses to “Hands Down the Best Falafel in the Mission”

  1. johnny0 says:

    Everything at OJ is good — the beef and lamb is ridiculously tasty.

  2. Tim Moore says:

    Yeah I’ve only been to Old Jerusalem a couple of times but each time I’ve thought to myself that I need to go more often. The Arabian coffee is also highly recommended!

  3. meave says:

    Thank you, it is definitely the best. Ali Baba’s is so dry and bland!

  4. SFDoggy says:

    OJ is a great place; too bad they don’t serve beer there.

  5. monkeeknifefight says:

    Kinda disappointed in the falafel sandwich. Not heated up at all on the grill like Ali Baba’s.


    Get it to go and head up to the Dovre.

  6. bc says:

    Old Jeru is a sleeper restaurant on Mission. Everything I’ve had here is quite tasty and I always leave, completely full, for around ~$12.

    I think Wednesday is the day where they have a chicken special. Let me tell you, the chicken is effin’ huge. I believe there is a fava bean dish topped with lamb that also kicks ass. The pita bread leaves a little left to be desired but the other food more than makes up for it.

    I really need to go here more but then again, I want to try every restaurant there is.

  7. wkndlfe says:

    R-Image Market Falafel wrap for $4.50 for the win.