Off-Menu Ordering at Taqueria Guadalajara


Last night, my friend Branden hipped me to his favorite trick. Taqueria Guadalajara has a dinner plate called something Alambres. It includes a mass of grilled peppers, steak and bacon, along with rice beans and other fixings.

Branden discovered you can ask to have it all rolled up in a burrito. Same price, wholly different experience.

Anybody else have any off-menu favorites?

3 Responses to “Off-Menu Ordering at Taqueria Guadalajara”

  1. Jesse says:


    At Metate, ask for some salsa verde and flour chips to go with your burrito. They don’t really like special orders there, but it’s totally worth it.

  2. brittney says:

    Farolito has a great bean and cheese burrito that is not on the menu for ~two bucks. You get your choice of beans.

  3. jeffersonmccarley says:

    At the Pork Store ask for Tofu Ranchero. It’s not on the menu but enough people order that nobody bats an eye when you order it.

    Cubed tofu sauteed kinda golden, savory and garlicy. Refried beans, corn tortillas, an ice cream scoop of fresh avocado, house made chunky salsa and a side of crispy hash browns.

    I usually don’t need to eat again for 3 days.