The Story Behind the Birdhouses


That pair of birdhouses on the wire on 19th Street apparently have counterparts in a number of cities all around the world. Artist Rhys Newman hatched the idea, and enlisted Raphael Grignani to be his San Francisco representative.

Grignani tells the whole story here.

(Thanks, Britta!)

One Response to “The Story Behind the Birdhouses”

  1. rachel says:

    When I saw your original post on these my first thought was “oh, cute!” followed right after with “ack!”.

    Please, please, please do not put perches on bird houses. Birds that nest in bird houses are perfectly happy to land on the edge of the opening. Perches are a prime spot for predators looking to snatch eggs or baby birds out of their cozy home.

    I realize this is an art project and not an attempt to get birds to nest at 19th and Lapidge, but wanted to throw this out there just in case anyone is inspired to put a bird house in their yard after seeing these.