Any Pal of Pal's is a Pal o' Mine


Pal’s Take Away, first day. The asparagus-and-egg (above) was the star of the show, and quite beautiful as you can see. I never thought a roasted pork sandwich could be summery, but this one with its herby mayo and big fluffy bun was SUM-MER-Y:


For dessert, strawberry jam and almond butter, gooey and sweet:


One Response to “Any Pal of Pal's is a Pal o' Mine”

  1. Andrew says:

    My girlfriend and I lunched on sandwiches from Pal’s today (followed up with a couple Dynamo donuts, natch). I had the pork sandwich (delicious, although I would maybe choose a non-sesame bun), and my girlfriend had the almond butter and homemade jam on wheat (delicious, although I like my girlfriend’s jam better).

    David at Pal’s was a cool guy to chat with and the sandwiches were great! We’ll probably stop there to pick up lunch occasionally on our work from home days.

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