The Bermuda Square

As reader sfortunata once remarked, there was, “…a Bermuda triangle of desserts with Dianda’s, Mission Pie, and Anthony’s.”  Anthony’s opened over the weekend with free cookies (I ate 5 this weekend), but there is a new player in town. Behold:


No beating about the bush here, the “Froyo & Crepe Cafe” delivers what it promises.  I had an almond, banana, coconut, nutella and whipped cream crepe and it was a carefully folded slice of happiness.  Despite less than enthusiastic yelps, my tastebuds purred.  I liked my taste of the froyo too.

And with an atmosphere like this (dibs on the couch):

dsc06118And a strangely small number of people allowed inside: dsc06119

I do believe there is yet another reason to leave the Valencia teen streets and maturely mosey to the Mission mid-twenties.

Pros: Crepes, Froyo, Elbow Room
Cons: Fried Mini Octopus
Maybes: Avocado Smoothies?


Cookie Shop Coming Soon
No Farmers, No Pie

9 Responses to “The Bermuda Square”

  1. meligrosa says:

    u got me with the avocado smoothie. Ill be ready to face the next heat wave with this in hand. mmmh…

  2. emamd says:

    avocado smoothies are awesome! plus mango froyo is something I’ve been hankering for here for a while…

  3. Allan says:

    Fried Mini Octopus a con!? Y’re fired.

  4. Junk Thief says:

    The three times I’ve been to Mission Pie, they had run out of pie for the day. The same thing happens at Dynamo doughnuts.

  5. Lael says:

    Bummer! When Mission Pie ran out of pie on Pi Day (last year) I could barely control my anger. Never had other problems though, guess I’ve gotten lucky at both Dynamo and MP.

  6. johnny0 says:

    It’s still a triangle!

    But I suppose you could count MP’s original location on 25th, so I’ll give you a trapezoid or rhomboid.

    Dr. Pedantic Geometry out.

  7. the 49 people is because they do not have a fire exit.

  8. holls says:

    i used to own that green couch from ikea!!! with the same print. weird.

  9. travis says:

    their ice cream is super gross. froyo not so great either.