Mission Wheels

The new Valencia St. bike shop: "Mission Bicycle"

The new Valencia St. bike shop: "Mission Bicycle"

Mission Loc@l recently started an interesting segment about bike shops in the Mission in response to the recent opening of Mission Bicycle.  The teaser to their Pedal Revolution piece hints that there might be some drama between Valencia Cyclery and Mission Bikes.  Unfortunately, the fine folks at Pedal Rev were not asked any direct questions about their new competition, so we’ll have to wait for the Valencia Cyclery piece to find out all the juicy details.

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  1. turtles says:

    Valencia sells new, higher-end bikes and fixes bikes. Ped Rev sells used bikes, as well as higher-end track bikes and fixes bikes.

    Mission Cycles target market is newbie bike riders who want ‘stylish’ bikes– so they don’t know how to fix their bikes and Mission Cycles is using ridiculously crappy & cheap parts to build these color-matched ‘stylish’ bikes so… any repair shop should actually be happy.

    It’ll increase the number of repairs for other local shops, as well as hopefully get these newbies into riding and start looking for a more ‘serious’ type of ride, beyond just matchy-matchy deep V’s and cranks– and for that, they have to go to one of the other shops.

  2. Zack Rosen says:

    Hey Turtles,

    My name is Zack, I am an owner of Mission Bicycle.

    Can you come by our shop some time? We are at 766 Valencia St. Would love to hear more specifics about what you think of our parts selection. One of us is very misinformed.

    Email me: zack [at] missionbicycle.com before hand and I’ll be there to meet you.

  3. mcas says:

    cross-posted on other article:
    … No hate. Anything that gets people riding bikes of any kind is a good thing in my book. And any local company doesn’t deserve to have their window smashed or be trash-talked on the internet by anonymous people.

    I was just commenting on the (un-labeled IRO/Formula) entry-level parts at a rather inflated price. Of course, I’ll say that no kid on Valencia Street need Phil Woods & NJS (or Dura-Ace & Carbon for the roadies), either. It’s the ‘fashion’ of fixed gear ‘culture’ that irks me… but if someone’s gotta make money off of it, I’d rather have it be someone in the community rather than a mega-company like Specialized, Trek, or Fuji/Obey, etc.

  4. Pussyhammer says:

    Ride some Phil Woods and you will understand. I have rode a shitty bike for 4 years and splurged on the nicest components I could find in California and it is a world of difference if you sit on a bike seat to get from pt. A to pt. B.

  5. EBcommuter says:

    i think that this whole SF bike culture is out of control sometimes. who cares who rides what. just get on two wheels (or 1 or 3), pedal and be free. whether or not you wear tight jeans, Lycra, helmet or those little tight fitting caps, it shouldn’t matter. we’re all in this fight against cars, pollution and obesity (among other things) together.

  6. Zack says:

    Turtles, Pussyhammer:

    We sell our bicycles with Phil Woods all the time… not sure what your referring to. We also have our own frame set we designed with a local builder (Eman), it’s a lot nicer than the IRO’s we were using before.

    Stop by the shop, seriously.

  7. turtles says:

    +50 points for supporting local builders.

    To be clear, IRO, these, and basically every other frame (Trek, Fuji, Specialized, etc.) are ALL made in the same few factories, so it wasn’t ever the quality of frame that was the issue. It was my (inaccurate) opinion that repainting generic IRO frames was bad.

    BUT… the fact you use a local builder’s design puts the ‘Mission’ in the name legitimately, in my mind. I retract my criticism and appreciate your outreach. I was wrong, so no more hate. I retract my criticisms.

    I’ve looked in the windows right when you opened, but I’ll stop by when you are open (but probably won’t introduce myself since I look like the fool here).

  8. I am sorry that there are people out there who put more time into worrying about what others ride than they do into appreciating how cool it is that the Mission can support so many different types of bike shops.

    Keep it up, Zack!

  9. Jimmy says:

    Funny to see all the commotion. Urban outfitter sell fixed wheel bikes for $399.00; custom fixed wheels bikes. Not associated, but thought I might save some people some dollars.
    My 2 cents.

    http://bikes.urbanoutfitters.com if you want one.

  10. scott gough says:

    i need forks for my 20 inch mission trilogy trycicle its silver blue also chain guard and front mud guard