Haus coffee shop

A new super-minimalist coffee shop, Haus, opened last week on 24th and Treat. The wooden interior is certainly interesting and they are serving up Ritual Roasters coffee (a major plus if you love their coffee but hate their lines).

(Photo by _heather_r_)

16 Responses to “Haus”

  1. Wade M says:

    A big part of coffee is the barista…..

  2. grondulax VII says:

    but do they have free wifi?

  3. stiiv says:

    Just how many coffee shops does 24th street need? I don’t think I can patronize many more without destroying my nervous system.

  4. daver says:

    another coffee shop with Ritual? Sorry but they don’t have good coffee. It’s fruity and gross. In my opinion of course. Philz? NOW we’re talking about goooood coffee…

  5. subby says:

    They also serve de la Paz, which is better than Ritual anyway.

  6. Chris says:

    I couldn’t agree with stiiv more.

  7. subby says:

    Chris, stilv – the guy who sells plants on the corner of 24th n Hampshire is apparently brewing coffee now too. That makes 7 dedicated coffee shops between Potrero and Mission, by my count – not counting the bakeries that server coffee.

  8. Mike says:

    They do have wireless.

  9. dave says:


    I hate it already just because of the name. And the interior looks like some kind of yuppie loft.

    Not impressed.

  10. Neo Displacer says:

    I swear the space was originally going to be a Latina hair salon but something happened, financial crash maybe.

    The fit and finish of the carpentry is awful. It’s only super minimalist because it’s lame. It looks more like a homeowner built cabin than a yuppie loft.

    Here’s my ranking of 24th street coffee based on niceness of the folks serving:

    1. cafe venice
    2. dynamo
    3. sunrise
    4. haus
    5. sugarlump
    6. muddy’s
    7. philz

    Now ranked by coffee:
    1. dynamo
    2. haus
    3. cafe venice
    4. sunrise
    5. sugarlump
    6. muddy’s
    7. philz

    I know I’m a contrarian but phil bothers me and I’ll only go in there on christmas day when everything else is closed.

  11. Kat says:

    Glad to hear they are also serving De La Paz – just discovered it a couple weeks ago, the Mission St. blend makes up some excellent cold-brew coffee.
    I am guessing the area can sustain so many coffee shops because all of the hipsters are being laid off and need somewhere cheap to hang out during the day.

  12. PhilzSucks says:

    I’m glad that Haus is there. Sugarlump coffee sucks and Philz gives me a heart-attack + diarrhea everytime I’ve gone there.

  13. roz says:

    do they have outlets?

  14. Junk Thief says:

    I’m willing to give them a couple more visits, but based on my trip there yesterday, they rank very low on the civility scale of servers. L’s always has the friendliest servers, and the folks at the real Ritual are friendlier even during rush times than they were yesterday at Haus.

  15. monkeeknifefight says:

    free wifi of the FreeTheNet variety.
    not many outlets — a few on the West wall.
    nice patio out back (sadly rare in the Mission).
    employees nice.
    coffee good.
    seating a bit stiff.
    same annoying Talking Heads CD on repeat. bring headphones.
    who the fuck uses debit for a $2 coffee?