Capp St. Pooper


Woke up one mornin’
Had some skid mark on my porch
Empty bottle of Smirnoff
and some very happy flies

11 Responses to “Capp St. Pooper”

  1. zinzin says:

    um. eww.

  2. TRex says:

    I had a similar experience in the Haight: I walked out my door one morning to find a empty bottle of vodka and a trail of blood leading up to my door.

  3. Ariel. says:

    My new motto is “If you See A Pee Pee, you know you’re on Capp Street.”

    Yeah, well, I was drunk when I said it.

  4. meave says:


    Doesn’t matter what block you’re on. If you keep walking, eventually, there’ll be poo.

    It is the bane of my perambulations.

  5. zinzin says:

    capp street, really, so much to offer.

  6. Plug1 says:

    excellent reportage here, im being for real. i love the way you tied it all together with the text. reminds me of an ICE-T song.

    btw, same principles apply in SOMA and The ELs.

  7. kiya says:

    Allan, where are you?

  8. grafiksgirl says:

    Even in Pac Heights man…poop and pigeon feed. The highbrows aren’t exempt.

  9. moderniste says:

    Sounds like a Tom Waits song.

  10. Cathy Bremer says:

    Shotwell St. is well-smeared, too. We’re so lucky to live in SF.