Is Dolores Park the New Nantucket?


…asks Brolores Park.  (link)

12 Responses to “Is Dolores Park the New Nantucket?”

  1. jimbeam says:

    Seriously, guys.

  2. v town jen says:

    someone chase him away: throw pbr cans at his leather loafers! sick a drag queen on him! quick!

  3. johnny0 says:

    No sweater draped over his shoulders and drinking local — I think he’s safe.

  4. hmm says:


  5. aynne says:


  6. Justintime says:

    Omega House

  7. tootsie says:

    I’d tap that, leather loafers and all

  8. one says:

    just because he’s clean and without ink and a nasty ‘tude – …Nantucket? you people are too much.

    Throw a PBR at his loafers? how droll.

    man, I gotta laugh every time I see another dipshit with a PBR tat. Just the other day I saw a lovely girl with a PBR logo tatted ON HER CHEST. These people are TOOLS – read the Wall Street Journal article about how the mega corporation that owns PBR is laugh laugh laughing all the way to the fucking bank. They stand in awe of the hipster delusion that PBR is some kind of edgy rebel independent selection. PBR-tatted people are the goddam biggest fools evah.

  9. Native says:

    Oh God, I hope you’re right. Then we can have our island back….

  10. King of ACK says:

    That boy’s got styyyle, ooo mama, get me some. All you SF haters should take a look in the mirror, clean it up, and get some pastel in your life before you judge.

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  12. Burket says:

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